750 thousand volt line into the provincial line

In May 27th, with Gansu, Qinghai power grid section 330 thousand volt electromagnetic solution first phase ring project success, status quo of Gansu Power by 330 thousand volts contact history, Qinghai power grid operation mode to achieve a major leap forward, the 330 thousand volt power grid into the province from the provincial power transmission transmission, 750 thousand volt line officially became the provincial contact line in Qinghai power grid.

at the end of 2013, the Qinghai power grid has nearly 330 thousand volt power line through the four corners of the world, covering most of the province, in addition to the southern Tibetan 6 outside the county which is connected with the Gansu power grid line 6, take provincial power exchange tasks.

With the development of economy and society and the development and utilization of new energy sources, the coverage of the 330 thousand volt power grid is constantly expanding, and the structure of the power grid has been continuously strengthened, and the problem of the current short circuit exceeding the standard is becoming more and more serious.

. Xinjiang and the Northwest Power System in the second channel engineering production, Qinghai provincial 750 thousand volt interconnection lines increased from 4 to 6, the Qinghai power grid and the northwest power grid more closely.

in order to effectively reduce the short-circuit current level, improve inter provincial electricity exchange capacity, the national network of Qinghai electric power company from 2013 to Gansu section 330 thousand volt electromagnetic solutions research project, to solve the Qinghai power grid in eastern and southern Gansu short-circuit current, lower power and equipment operation risk. After the implementation of electromagnetic loop, Qinghai 330 thousand volt substation bus short-circuit current will be significantly reduced, the grid will be more secure and stable operation.

it is understood that the electromagnetic solution ring is the first solution to the northwest power grid ring, is the 6 volt 330 thousand Gan Qing liaison line opened in the side of Gansu, the formation of the two lines in the province line line. With the implementation of the ring work, not only improve the reliability of Qinghai power grid, but also make the power grid structure more clear, the grid is more powerful, 750 thousand volt power grid will become the backbone of Qinghai power grid.


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