Large music dance poem paradise Tianyu drunk dance national network media reporter


Chu network news (trainee reporter Liu Dan) the evening of July 25th, 2012 key national network media journalists in Qinghai to watch the big picture dance poem "paradise" in the region of Xining City stadium, feel the unique charm of Tibetan culture.

"Heaven" in

horizon was born in Qinghai Kumbum Monastery of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism founder Tsongkhapa as the prototype, tells the story of Tsongkapa Buddhism with cannot return home, mother and child. Think read touching story between the affection, the son of the great maternal love and filial piety. The epic story will strike a deep chord touch one deeply in the heart, make the audience more deeply appreciate the unique charm of Tibetan culture. The repertoire of "art poetry", highlight the "new, strange and beautiful" story, the novel and unique conception, magnanimous scenes, exquisite layout, superb performance, fully demonstrated the unique regional culture of Qinghai. The use of modern multimedia technology stage repertoire, high-tech, show the Tibetan Plateau mysterious, quiet natural landscape, deep and rich national essence, man and nature harmonious humanistic temperament, reveals the beauty of Qinghai, the charm of the verve of summer.

it is understood that the large picture of "paradise" is a dance poem Tianyu Xining municipal government to build a summer cultural brand, highlighting the cultural characteristics of Xining tourism, increase the cultural connotation and create a large repertoire of financing. The drama won the Ministry of culture, the National Tourism Administration issued a boutique tourism awards. "Horizon heaven" since May 2009 in the city stadium plays in performances so far, in and outside the province performed more than 200 games, and went to Fujian, the Shanghai International Arts Festival, Beijing, Hunan, Zhangjiajie, the Great Hall of the people of Guangzhou Asian Games for many performances. "Heaven" series since the performance since the horizon, showing the development of the regional culture characteristics of the history of Xining stretches Long Yuan to a national audience, showing the Xining unique natural scenery and local customs and practices and the charm of the summer capital Xining, praised by the audience.


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