All departments and units of the province conscientiously study and implement the important speech o

day, I save all units and departments of the study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai as the primary political task, the timely convening of the meeting, carefully read the document, accurately grasp the spirit of the speech essence, combined with their actual deployment, to ensure that the requirements of ground to take root, blossom, to promote the work to achieve new development.

provincial organs held cadres at or above the meeting, called to study and implement the speech learning as the primary political task, earnestly study and implement the work of propaganda, conscious minds armed with speech, to guide practice and promote the work; to combine the two to do a "learning education, re learn seriously, enlightenment focusing on the problem that know that change, the real learning effect is reflected in the grasp the direction, grasp the method, the results reflected in advance" four down ".

Provincial People’s Congress held a meeting of the Central Committee of the Party group to expand the theory of learning, the spirit of learning to speak into the process of further integration of ideas, consensus, and promote the practical results of national unity and progress. A profound understanding of the four major solid "requirements, the starting point in the province’s poverty alleviation poverty situation in the province to identify the ethnic and religious work, do a good job in the stable development of the province and identify the location of ethnic and religious work, implement the spirit of the speech in the play consciousness embodied in the ethnic and religious leaders.

Provincial Federation of industry and commerce at all levels of CFIC organization and the majority of non-public ownership economy to deeply understand the major requirements of the General Secretary Xi, combined with their own actual development, unswervingly promote green development, building ecological civilization. To bear the state County Federation general, enterprise green development as an important index for assessment of private enterprises; to carry out green development and innovation of science and technology of special research activities, and promote the sustained and healthy development of private enterprises.

construction of the Qinghai provincial Party committee puts forward, should give full play to their strengths, to work in politics in the global framework and consider the rich civilized and harmonious beauty of new Qinghai "construction, and contribute to the development of society and economy society in our province. Control of General Secretary Xi four solid major requirements, do a good job of key topics of research, provide valuable reference for government decision-making. Do a better job of helping the poor, poverty alleviation work to a new level.

Qinghai daily held a special meeting of the Party committee, the first time to convey the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi’s visit in our province, and made a further report on the deployment of publicity. Then held the Party Central study group will speak to the spirit of the system in-depth study, the whole society requires cadres and workers to conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech, comprehensively understand grasp the essence, keep in mind the general secretary of the Commission, with a more inspiring spirit, more high morale, more pragmatic style, focus on news propaganda, media convergence such precise co focus force, efforts to study and implement the General Secretary Xi’s speech and the full implementation of the "four solid" major publicity work requirements across the province.

provincial radio and Television Bureau requires the majority of cadres and workers to the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and the cause of Qinghai radio and television industry;

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