Huangzhong County, the implementation of the four measures awesome farmers to get rich

Huangzhong county has always been the three rural work as the county’s most basic work to grasp, focusing on the center of gravity, the effort to implement the four initiatives to support farmers to get rich


Huangzhong county has always been the three rural work as the county’s most basic work to grasp, focus on the center of gravity, the effort to implement the four initiatives to fully support the farmers to get rich.
efforts, improve the conditions to promote development. adhere to the improvement of rural basic conditions as the key to solve the "three rural issues", seize the country to expand domestic demand and increase agricultural and rural investment opportunities, strengthen agricultural construction projects, investment of 663 million yuan more than 70 implementation of the construction of rural infrastructure projects, new construction of vegetable greenhouses 3000, standardized breeding base 15; the transformation of farmland irrigation area of 24 thousand acres, soil erosion area of 7.04 square kilometers, 2 new village drinking water project; new construction of County Road 178 km, 186 km village road hardening; renovation of dilapidated housing difficulties of the masses of 2800 households, rural housing construction award 7000 households, completed afforestation 75 thousand acres, 44 thousand acres of afforestation a total investment of 446 million yuan. Financing of 174 million yuan, the transformation of rural primary and secondary school buildings, township hospitals and cultural station construction projects. Integration of 224 million yuan of funds, to carry out the "military enterprises build a model village" in 35 villages, the implementation of the village renovation, public service facilities construction projects, to further improve the rural landscape.

science and technology, increase production encouragement. Relying on scientific and technological activities to create a Demonstration County, combined with the implementation of the whole film double ridge rainwater harvesting technology promotion project, engineering science and technology training of new farmers, fertilization and other projects, to build "technical instructors + technology demonstration households + farmers" based science and technology transformation and application of fast channel selection, 100 agricultural technology instructor "hand in hand in the guidance of" 1000 technology demonstration households, nearly 20 thousand farmers so as to promote the application of modern agricultural science and technology. In the first half, the county held a variety of agricultural practical training courses 433, training farmers 67 thousand passengers, issuing technical data of 56 thousand. The county to promote soil testing and fertilization technology of 750 thousand acres, 51 thousand acres of demonstration area to establish fertilization; promote the whole film rainwater harvesting technology of winter wheat planting 83 thousand acres, 2 thousand acres; the establishment of various types of crop seed propagation system base 64 thousand and 500 acres, 1 million 170 thousand acres of crop pest and rodent control area.

extension market, do everything possible to increase revenue. market demand-oriented, relying on the "sunshine project" and "rain plan", the rural junior high school youth returned practical technical training and other projects around the Gan River, Nanchuan, Xinzhuang Industrial Park, "the eight petal lotus" cultural tourism industry park, modern agricultural development in West Nachuan fan Park District and Xining City service industry increase the demand for labor, smelting, welding, bricklaying, seedling, embroidery and other 20 skills training, training a total of 72 thousand and 100 rural surplus labor transfer training, employment rate of more than 80%, the first half of the year;

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