Bridge community septic tanks blocked more than eighteen years of departmental collaboration for two

in May 5th, after the northern city of Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau staff two days of dredging, the provincial capital of the small bridge communities in the yard of the original gold flour mill blocked the septic tank for the last 18 years finally cleared.

at the scene, a number of property companies are looking for a construction company to hide a 18 year septic tank. Due to the long time of penetration, the walls have been contaminated with sewage stains, and in the next parking lot, septic tanks in the sewage is still overflowing. "After I took over the family hospital, the septic tank in the yard has not been cleared." According to the person in charge of the hospital’s family property company responsible person, in 1997 the property company to take over the families of the hospital, the families of septic tanks never cleared. Until 2000, the transformation of housing, the demolition of the original coal room, the property company was found below the coal room has a larger septic tank. In 2001, after the original gold flour factory bankruptcy, the problem left behind.

original gold Shuo flour mill yard other septic tanks, property companies will clean up two times a year, only the first floor of the septic tank in the past 18 years has never been sparse." The property company responsible person said, because of disrepair, septic tanks blocked, resulting in front of the residents sewers, household Voices of discontent. According to the bridge office staff, in the health inspector, office found that the family member courtyard blocked septic tanks, the cooperative Chengbei District City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement, special dredge family member courtyard of the septic tank.


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