2015 future + nternet caravan sent by entrepreneurial

August 29th, Internet caravan speech group into Xining. Fennick Azee Yu Chen, founder and CEO of Zong Yi, Epro group co-founder and senior vice president of Guizhou Shengshi Jinxiu founder Yu Ying, with "2015 + future" as the theme, with the presence of more than 300 Xining outstanding entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs share nearly 4 hours of "dry goods".

China as payment industry pioneer and leader, Epro group co-founder and senior vice president Yu Chen to "see" the future "to rethink the Internet for the lecture content, to served as CCTV documentary film" Internet Era "adviser collected first-hand information, explore the development opportunity, the future of the Internet and technology trends the inflection point related proposition solution planing depth.

and Cervantes is the founder and CEO of the Internet, one of the founders of the Caravan "Zong Yi, the traditional enterprise how to transition to the Internet for the lecture content, to Cervantes this for the case, from the organizational innovation (fission Entrepreneurship) and business model innovation, marketing innovation and a series of practical cases, elaborated how the transformation of the traditional industry to the internet. Zong Yi believes that many entrepreneurs are considering how to use the Internet to make money, this idea is wrong. In fact, investors should use the mentality of young people to sit young career is particularly good, only young people to understand the world.

the field public speech by the Qinghai provincial culture and news publishing office, Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League, jointly organized by the Internet caravan, heart, hand twist plateau Qinghai e-commerce demonstration in association with the base company. The same day, the scene All seats are occupied. speech. Speech gap, the audience also actively interact with the Internet cafe, seize the rare opportunity to explore how companies and young people to make good use of the Internet thinking, seize the opportunities for the development of the Internet era.

"Internet Caravan" was launched by Chinese Industry Internet community public service activities. Designed to actively interact with the traditional national enterprises and emerging industries, the spread of the spirit of the Internet, sharing information, methods and ideas, to promote the traditional enterprise, industry, or the development of the Internet industry in the region. "The Internet caravan has passed north and south, Southeast and southwest three routes through Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, and Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanning, Guilin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang City, a total mileage of nearly more than 20 thousand kilometers, held 17 large public lecture.

it is reported that the "Internet" Caravan "will be extended Belt and Road Initiative" strategic roadmap, focus on the northwest of the motherland, will travel to Xi’an, Lanzhou, Hohhot, Urumqi, and other city "lecture".  

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