Around the lake the battle of the plains may not be peace of war


yesterday, Lake race ended Qinghai plateau difficult stage, in the Hexi Corridor of Zhangye. Lower altitude and flat stage, so that all the staff on the game are relieved, but according to the judgment of the judge, in plain area, the end of a road difficult game, the level of competition will not decline, but will with the end of the game will be approaching, more and more high intensity match.

because of this lake race teams level and high quality, in the first few stages of the game, a very powerful driver for all countries, the daily pattern of the game changed significantly compared with the previous year. In the previous game, as the team strength gap between team competition, every day will be towed long, and led the ride between the drivers and the mass gap will widen considerably, ten minutes gap often appear, and this year’s game, rarely such a big gap, the driver often bite very tight, resulting in a very high degree of competition. In previous years, many drivers will choose to start with the last three km sprint, however, because of the fierce competition between the teams this year, resulting in that fight scene early in the fight at outrance at the end of the day will be ten km, and in the last few kilometers, clusters will catch up collar bikers, engulfed the lead rider, then large group crossed the end point, and this year in several stages did not appear big sprint situation, seeing the group crossed the end point, it will split into one or two drivers, from large groups in the sprint, and only narrowly win the championship stage hundred metres, more intriguing is the day it turns to sit before the three stage, there have been new faces.

but in the melee pattern, Lake Race overlord Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team still in the plateau region with abundant strength, the performance is very eye-catching, relatively speaking, some European and American giants in the plateau region appears to be not well prepared, The climate does not suit one., especially for the first time in the Lake Race Italy LANBO Merida team significantly underestimated the lake race the difficulty of the game, the other team ahead of a week to report, to adapt to plateau environment, they not only report late, but the players are in high altitude combat without adequate psychological preparation, so the way to show the game down, Butch potential, and every day Jersey only one step away, until the back several stage was gradually with prominent players. Therefore, in the plain area, the trip to Butch play their speed advantage, full back, opened their revenge on the snow tiger down the plateau to be bullied "stuck. At the same time, a lot of fear in plateau stage, dormant for a long time in the rest of the team, will also be on the stage in the integral There is not much left. so the back of the stage look at fiercely as a tiger does, although there is no mountains, hypoxia, cold and trapped;

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