Lake Race two stage rain riding David La won the yellow jersey

July 8th, Qinghai Lake international road cycling race across the Lajishan arrived in Guide County, the end of the second stage of the competition. Turkey Tuoerku team driver David · A new force suddenly rises., rasler won the championship stage, wear a symbol of individual total score of the first yellow jersey. Qinghai tianyoude riders Wu Peilun integral climbing in second.

in this stage of the entire 151.27 km, including 60 km of slow uphill road and 50 km downhill, the way with a climbing grade point. After a short ride of honor, 11 in the morning, riding a large group of starting from the mutual aid County, all the way to the south. After the first stage of the adaptation and test, this stage of each team recount, the driver courageously, the beginning of the game will enter the "chaos" situation. To 10 kilometers, more than a dozen players from mass breakout, the formation of leader group, among them, Qinghai tianyoude team driver Wu Peilun is also a member of the leaders on a. Then, in a large group of pursuit, collar riding team has been a large group of players left behind back, good state of Wu peron is Yuezhanyueyong, lead the leader group impact 94 kilometers climbing grade point, grab the symbol of Mountain King red dot shirt. At this time, the storm hit, the Lajishan mountain fog shrouded, visibility less than 1 km, the players mostly rely on distance judgment table. Wrong will honor the distance at this stage of the Wu Peilun, over 95 kilometers on the table shows seeing your own success, achieve pre deployment, won the mountain king, will slow down the riding speed. Who knows, has been lurking in his behind the Ukraine team driver Hossain Amor Vita · Alizadeh to seize the opportunity, quickly rushed forward, the first to cross the true sense of the climbing point. Downhill road, scattered riding team and re folded into a number of small groups riding towards the end of the Guide county. Ultimately, the Turkey team Tuoerku number 152 driver David · La in small group talent shows itself in the sprint, won the championship stage. Italy LANBO Merida team number 3 driver Massimo · Gelaiziyatuo and Marseille Apple team number 102 driver Thomas · watt bowl Jersey was at two or three.

After the

stage, colored Jersey all changed. A symbol of the Asian best blue shirts from Kazakhstan Astana team driver Sergey Genev won ·. Mountain King Crown into Ukraine Amor Vita team rider Hossain · Alizadeh. (author: Li young tiger)

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