Chinese furniture market needs to transform the characteristics of the wardrobe brand

the development of China’s furniture industry has entered a bottleneck period, to achieve progress, we must adjust the overall industrial upgrading. The Chinese furniture market with the change of wardrobe industry, mining more and more brand personality, transferring consumption hot spots, the independent brand shop was established as consumer characteristics, but in recent years, the development of Chinese furniture industry into the shuffle stage, wardrobe industry has entered a brand war. Quality, brand, environmental performance of the closet products in the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

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"we buy Europe brand wardrobe, not our worship, but we don’t know enough about the domestic brand wardrobe, but also for the quality of the domestic Public opinions are divergent. wardrobe, in this case, we prefer foreign brands". Liu, who lives near the Lama Temple in Dongcheng District, the China made news reporter said.

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