National People’s Congress should carry out special investigations of innovation and Entrepreneurshi

National People’s Congress, Nankai University President Gongke said on the 12, and the growth of new things, the development of innovation and entrepreneurship also inevitably encounter various problems and suggestions, the National People’s Congress to carry out timely special investigation on this issue.

Gong Ke said, according to his understanding, in 2015, Volkswagen, the wave of entrepreneurship innovation in the mainland, China 5600 incubator, more than the sum of all other countries and areas of entrepreneurship incubator, of which 2/3 was developed in 2015, but the service quality is uneven in quality.

"innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation entrepreneurship education is not only for the economic growth, or in order to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and the spirit of innovation and practical ability of the new generation, the situation should be understood." Gong said.

he said, the society for the entrepreneurial success rate is too low, the innovation of the gold content is not high, blindness and waste of government resources and influence students’ academic and academic atmosphere of some concern, but also for the entrepreneurship policy of not supporting, all departments is difficult to form a joint force problem of criticism, also encounter a variety of universities the difficulties in promoting entrepreneurship education fusion, promote each other, these aspects should be fully investigated, what are the problems to be solved.

talked about, he served as the national high-end think-tank, collaborative construction of socialist economy Chinese characteristic innovation center director Gong Ke said, the research should take the students in business and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities as the main object, landing, financial support, entrepreneurship education reform four aspects of leather and hit the operation of in-depth research from the policy space.

"some entrepreneurial support policies do not provide clear and unified standards, the implementation of the policy is time-consuming, resulting in a good policy to support entrepreneurship, see touched, especially in support of funds, is very important for entrepreneurs." Gong Ke said, in addition, understanding of internal innovation and entrepreneurship education of university is not consistent with the academic entrepreneurship and facing many difficulties, and the public record space in the end how to operate, these problems are to find answers in the survey.


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