Huangyuan to promote the existing residential building energy conservation work

2012 years, Huangyuan county to promote the existing residential building heating metering and energy-saving work, the county 26 project is divided into seven section of engineering construction, and make feasible reform plan and implementation plan, according to the requirements of the construction project, the strict implementation of the design, chart review, basic construction bidding, construction bidding and supervision procedures, strengthen supervision and management of the project. At the same time, strengthen the construction of energy-saving quality supervision, on the material into a strict retest test to ensure the quality of the project.

annual plan to implement the existing building energy efficiency transformation of 69 thousand and 500 square meters, mainly on the west side of the construction of the west side of the road and the west side of the 26 buildings with poor heating effect of energy-saving transformation. Up to now, 7 project tenders have all started, the construction area of 40 thousand square meters, the entire renovation work is expected to be completed in mid October.



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