Do the sanitation workers pay tribute to the north family dinner

one day, morning to evening, they worked hard to dress up the city, in order to make the city sanitation workers get social care, pay tribute to them, recently, Chengbei District invited the 60 region difficult sanitation workers sharing workers have a joyous gathering, dinner.

it is understood that send warm activity is different from the past, in addition to the General Union of Chengbei district sanitation workers to send rice oil, also adds to the sanitation workers to the extracurricular books, take the kids to visit the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, sanitation workers, talent show and other activities. In order to let the sanitation workers have a good day, union Seongbuk prepared in advance, follow the part of sanitation workers and use the camera to record their cleaning every day, with a fresh DV video presentation to the scene of every member of the audience. Visit the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, but also to those who provide a great chance usually busy with work and neglect to accompany their children to the sanitation workers, the children were attracted by the Qinghai science and technology museum exhibits vivid novel, not only the increase of knowledge, but also broaden their horizons.


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