Add 8 parking points to ease parking difficulties

to do a good job in the management of the parking lot, the central parking lot in late May this year, after the management of the District Urban Management Bureau, and added 8 parking points, more than 600 parking spaces to ease parking difficulties.

took over the management of the parking lot, the City District Urban Management Bureau set up a parking lot management office, and do a good job on the basis of thorough investigation, and actively carry out remediation, management. The city vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon, and the traffic police department to carry out special rectification activities. For the management of hospital Huzhu Xiang along the vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon, based on the ban on illegal road parking lot, police officers and police special arrangements, the implementation of the normal management, to ensure the smooth road. At the same time, actively tap the potential to open up new parking spots, parking difficult to solve. Has the new parking in the road 6, to provide 200 parking spaces; the new "the office" and "new star mall" and other social Parking Lot 8, provide more than 400 parking spaces; and coordinate with the owners of units, to establish the "Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine" and "Baoguang Emerald terrace residential parking lot". Through the unremitting efforts of the Urban District Urban Management Bureau, parking area is difficult to alleviate the problem. (author: Tang Rong)

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