My province to build the ecological highway awesome green traffic

at present, Qinghai traffic is in a period of great development, for the higher elevation of Qinghai, to promote the ecological protection of highway construction work, to build the province’s ecological transport, is essential. Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in November 18th, the province will take five measures to strengthen the ecological protection of the road, to create a green traffic.

in the current traffic development basis, our province will take further measures to incorporate the concept of ecological protection in highway construction, and gradually establish ecological protection measures; establish and improve the ecological environmental protection acceptance system in the province’s highway construction gradually, at the same time, establish a clear acceptance of the target; the idea of ecological environmental protection from the design, to reduce the area well, pay attention to water and soil conservation, environmental restoration, to reduce the impact on the environment, protect the local natural environment as an important control factor; strict implementation of eco design in the implementation of the project, and according to the specific circumstances to carry out a reasonable scheme of ecological protection, and enhance the engineering construction personnel and the masses along the concept of environmental protection; in addition, through have been built, under construction and the construction project, the green ecological achievements in transportation construction from design, Construction to operate across the board.


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