Menyuan hail does not affect the ornamental flowers

  15:28 yesterday to 33 points, Menyuan County began to hail, according to reports, this is the first time this year, Menyuan region of strong convective weather. As of press time reporter, the situation is in the statistics.

after washing, a round of rainfall yesterday, most of the province is clear, but in Menyuan County, Haibei prefecture has undergone a hail disaster. In the hail weather process in just 5 minutes, hail maximum diameter of 11 mm, which is mainly affected by the Menyuan County, the ground is paved with a layer of snow. According to the Haibei Observatory staff, this is the first strong convective weather occurred this year in Haibei Prefecture area. Influenced by topography, Haibei Menyuan and Gangcha area in 7 and August, the relatively high frequency of occurrence of strong convective weather. As for the first time this year, strong convective weather, is so agitated, this year is expected to strong convective weather will be more frequent in Menyuan county.

Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers enjoy the world’s top ten beautiful flowers of the world, the year August 7, will attract a lot of tourists to watch the beautiful flowers. At present, when the flowering season of rape, the rape of the sea will be affected? Reporters from the circle of Menyuan mountain view flower bed area to understand, this is not to hail the mouth Qingshi, so from the viewing platform can still see the full Sichuan gold studded the rape flowers.


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