Heavy penalties for consumer complaints radical cure travel

in order to create a comfortable travel environment for tourists, this year our province will be from the management of unreasonable price competition against the interests of consumers behavior and flow control of scenic tourism, law enforcement inspection and punishment, radical common tourist complaints.

it is understood that since last October, tourism law promulgated, the province’s tourism sector in the province to strengthen the legal awareness, improve the quality of tourism services. Various regions in the tourist season and golden week, to crack down on disrupting the tourism market order, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of tourists illegal acts to purify the tourism development environment. This year, the tourism sector will combine the tourism administrative function construction, and actively promote the government to establish and improve the tourism comprehensive coordination mechanism or mechanisms; to develop urban and rural residents use their own residential engaging in tourism management; governance with unreasonable price competition against the consumer behavior and scenic flow control problems, strengthen law enforcement inspection and punishment exploration, traffic control, booking tickets and other scenic spots management mechanism.

at the same time, will strengthen the tourism market supervision, carried out a special governance tourism market order, crack down on induction, deception, coercion and coercion of tourists’ consumption behavior in accordance with the law, and severely punish a number of illegal tourism enterprises and tourism practitioners, increase the intensity of exposure of illegal behavior.


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