29 thousand cadres refused to sign a letter of commitment

"no use of holiday and make arrangements for weddings and other matters to send and receive any may affect the impartial execution of official gifts, envelopes, shopping cards and other securities, and consciously accept the organization and supervision of the masses, such as the default is willing to accept the relevant treatment." Recently, the 672 organs of the city of Xining, 29018 cadres and workers signed a letter of acceptance refused to send a red envelope.
in order to create a good working atmosphere delicate gas is, according to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection "on the rejection red envelope gifts of gold commitment notice" and "on the norms of the party and national staff to make arrangements for weddings of the Interim Provisions", in late November, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice in the city to carry out reject gifts of gold, red commitment the area, the city’s various departments and units of the party and national staff to reject red envelope gifts, written promise. Since the campaign, all localities and departments and units of the party and national staff before December 8th all made gifts, envelopes rejected a written commitment.


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