Look forward to Xining will refresh the city value

from affordable to livable, from livable to the United States, each of the Xining city image of the transformation, both to enhance the quality of life of the people, but also to enhance the happiness index of the masses!

in the morning of the "white crane spreads its wings", under the setting sun and the Guozhuang, the youth dance, the elderly happy children and pleasant sunshine…… This is a picture of the background is more and more blue sky in Xining, more and more green space and better air quality.

Xining, has become a shining landscape garden city of the Qinghai Tibet plateau!

The image of the city of Xining,

is constantly rising, climbing, in the metamorphosis!

however, the people of Xining did not stop!

this year, the city’s two sessions, the mayor Zhang Xiaorong in the "government work report" once again put forward specific requirements for the image of the city – strengthen management does not slack, a comprehensive upgrade of the new image of the city!

so, the city will be what kind of innovative methods and specific measures to enhance the image of the city? This connection Xining city authority to see what they have to enhance the city’s new image of the plan.

image of the new blueprint

municipal Party committee and government to create a new image of the city as an important means to solve the people’s livelihood, enhance the competitiveness of the city, not only to improve the city’s appearance, change the style of cadres, cadres and the masses." Xining City Management Bureau Director Shi Jun said, in 2016, Xining City Management Bureau to modern city management as the direction, to reform and innovation as the driving force, focus on promoting a reform, create a brand "two major tasks, emphasizing the work of seven, four," 13th Five-Year "the development of a good start a good step, in order to create clean and beautiful living environment, let the city become people’s pursuit of a better life, relying on the powerful.

[keyword]: reform

to promote the city’s comprehensive management system reform, efforts to promote urban management, four comprehensive reform landing, accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive management system in line with the reality of Xining, reflecting the characteristics of the modern city of Xining.

[keyword]: brand

to further consolidate the results of the comprehensive improvement of the environment of the city, promote the city clean construction, continue to carry out seven series of campaigns, timely completion of the task, to create "the beautiful summer – clean Xining" brand.

[keyword]: upgrade

promote the administrative law enforcement center of gravity, sinking, in the town office to establish comprehensive law enforcement system, strengthen key areas of city management law enforcement capacity building at the grassroots level, enhance the level of city management comprehensive law enforcement; the integration of municipal district management, green conservation, environmental sanitation, river management functions, optimize the management operation system, the establishment of integrated management of municipal public utilities the service system, improve the management level of the fine city; construction of city digital city management platform, the establishment of horizontal edge, vertical in the end, comprehensive coverage of the city’s urban management of digital network system, provided;

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