2016 Tibetan carpet exhibition exhibition today fully completed

2016 Chinese (Qinghai) International Carpet Exhibition opening soon, the work has entered the countdown. The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce in May 31st, since May 26th the museum building, exhibition site has been working overtime, ordered a wildly beating gongs and drums has entered the final stage, finally, today will be fully completed.

exhibition will be divided into A, B, C three exhibition hall. A Pavilion for the domestic Carpet Museum, is divided into special booth area, standard booth area, spot trading area, the main activity area, carpet real display area, the national carpet weaving demonstration area, business and leisure areas, worship area, etc.. Is expected to set up 446 booths, 230 booths B spot; Museum of International Carpet Museum, divided into special booth area, standard booth area, National Day activity area, business and leisure area, interview area, public service areas, service area, dining area, is expected to set up 462 booths; C Museum of Tibetan carpet, the carpet of cultural propaganda, only provide Tibetan carpets, carpet related pictures, real and Tibetan carpet exhibition history exhibition, will create a good atmosphere for ethnic cultural exchanges. The exhibition will show a total area of 32000 square meters, is expected to build a total of 908 booths, spot stalls of 240. By then, the participating enterprises around the country will carry out special display.


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