Card Yang experience why famous province and outside

who guarded the golden rice card Yang village has been very poor, why in 2016 to a big change?

has been a hundred years of poverty in the village is how to successfully out of poverty?

why more than and 20 provinces and cities are flocking to the card yang to observe?


yesterday, for the first time on "NPC and CPPCC" press release units of the provincial people’s Congress, chairman of agricultural tourism group, Qu Xiang Yang card village first secretary Bao Wuzhang, keenly aware of through to the media about the card, Yang area to the "interactive tourism + sports + culture" industry integration and development of the rural tourism new formats, driven by a vivid story card Yang Village out of poverty.

[card card card] Yang Village beautiful scenery, fresh air, is from the Xining city of the original forest and alpine pasture. Although guarding the golden rice bowl, but has been very poor yang. Here the mountains deep ditch, traffic is extremely inconvenient, backward economic development, the village 265 people, of which 44 poor households, 131 people, is one of the poor village in the province. In 2015, Huangzhong County People’s government through investment, the introduction of "Xining Xiang Qu Agricultural Science and technology limited company" for the overall development and construction of scenic area planning and construction of Yang card, for a period of 3 years, plans a total investment of 150 million yuan.

characteristics of the party building poverty alleviation model

in order to gain first-hand information, Bao Wuzhang view Yang village from door to door card poor housing conditions, to understand the causes of poverty, poverty alleviation work together with the Party Organization Department team members for the villagers to explain the poverty alleviation policy. Organize regular card Yang village Party branch day and night study, meeting, through the "two a" learning education, tackling poverty focus on the village Party branch locomotive ", the precise poverty alleviation, enterprise development, policy and poor households are effective docking, selection of industrial projects, planning and layout. The formation of the" mode of poverty alleviation of entrepreneurs and village cadres Party + village Party branch + farmer "card in Yang village. Give full play to the party building is the advantage of productivity, so that the majority of Party members become the main force to fight against poverty.

card Yang village of the three "only"

poverty alleviation support Bureau, municipal organization department, Huangzhong county government and relevant departments in the province, give full play to the functions of the provincial people’s Congress, actively seek to coordinate all kinds of projects and funds for the card to apply for the Yang Village beautiful countryside construction funds more than 2000 yuan; through the efforts to apply for "rich road of happiness" capital of 12 million 800 thousand yuan, with the province’s first 7.8 km of rural poverty alleviation tourism highway put into operation formally in Chi Yang, Yang Xiang Qu card not only to open up the scenic road, also opened the door for poverty card Yang and surrounding villages villagers; lead the village poverty alleviation work team, through the coordination of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, has to solve the material poverty alleviation funds more than 300 yuan, for the improvement of the village, the village appearance; build public cultural service card Yang demonstration base, broaden the way of poverty alleviation. In addition, the company started the first advance of 400 thousand yuan of funds for poor households to buy the farm tractor wheeled, and the coordination of the people’s Bank of China and the relevant professional banks for the poor households in 5;

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