North District Court actively carry out civic moral awareness month theme activities

in our hospital in order to further strengthen the citizen moral construction, and constantly improve the masses of moral consciousness and the overall quality of civilization, our Party issued a "patriotic law-abiding, courtesy and honesty, solidarity and friendly, diligent and dedicated 20 basic morals for the purpose of the call, asked party volunteers, women volunteers, youth volunteers to" moral awareness month "activities as an opportunity to carry out the moral education activities.

since September this year, our hospital has organized volunteers into the streets, the community to carry out the "farewell uncivilized behavior" advised on publicity activities, ran the red light, Luanchuanmalu, Luantingluanfang, emissions and littering and other uncivilized behavior has positive guidance, through publicity and education activities to further improve. The general public morality consciousness, aroused public concern, "a city", "city", in support of a city’s enthusiasm, and achieved good social effects.

at the same time, our hospital increased court moral construction, by posting publicity slogans, set up moral auditorium, hanging banners, etc., to the OA office automation system and website as the carrier, so that police officers are adhering to the "intrinsic position etiquette, food and clothing knowledge honor morality, starting from the police ideological and moral construction, seize the building of the moral quality of the central link, the external moral norms into internal self-discipline of police officers, let every corner" moral awareness month "activities to the work of the court, in order to meet the party’s ten eight to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere of jubilation, civilization. (author: Chen Shuang)


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