Authentic Taiwan snack 18 appeared in Xining

Oyster omelet, pie bag cakes, ice cream, eggs, fried frog small intestine large intestine package…… A big wave of Taiwan night market food will hit 18 this month at 10!

Taiwan snacks fame, which is a lot more about the Taiwan market in the delicacy of chowhound. The size of S and the Taiwan star is a frequent visitor here, as a senior chowhound map — on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" also went to the Taiwan night market for Taiwan tongue delicacy. Taiwan night market with local characteristics and strong local flavor of authentic each night captured the hearts of the people.

see here, do you want to go on a trip, go to Taiwan, go to the famous night market to find food? Don’t worry! From 18 until October 7th 10 at night, Qinghai will have 200 kinds of delicious, authentic Taiwan nightmarket delicacy will airborne Xining!

Taiwan night market where to find food? To limeng commercial pedestrian street!

reporter learned that the Xining came to the Taiwan night snack delicacy tour, all of which are from the booth has a history of 100 years of "Shilin" and "Feng Chia night market, night market in Liuhe on the more than 1 thousand booth selection out, with strength and good reputation, on behalf of Taiwan flavor, Taiwan customs special snack.

is important, this is the real flavor of Taiwan snacks, all the ingredients from the air, the master is also air to! By then, Taiwan master surgeon, Taiwan mainly airlifted all kinds of material and sauces, for the public to show authentic Taiwan style night market snacks.

has a history of twenty years in Taiwan, Taiwan is one of the ten famous snack package called "glutinous rice sausage sausage small intestine large intestine package"; Taiwan snacks and hot – omelets; cold – fried ice cream…… A wave of food will hit! For this reporter chowhound, this time do not go to Taiwan to taste the authentic taste of Taiwan in Xining!

in order to allow more people to enjoy the delicious Taiwan snacks, evening again sent gift, as long as you will be forwarded to the circle of friends in the WeChat, the forwarding information capture, can live in Taiwan night market delicacy snacks tour, to receive a "King meal card". With this card, you can enjoy a delicious food on the spot. Evening news every day to give away 500 blood meal, King meal card, first come first served, what are you waiting for?!

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