April 18th Xining Municipal Archives Bureau held a publicity work conference

Qinghai News Network on April 18th, the Xining Municipal Archives Bureau held a file publicity work conference. The meeting summed up the work of the city’s Archives in recent years, arrangements for the deployment of the future of the main tasks of the archives publicity, recognition of the work of the advanced units, advanced individuals.

the meeting pointed out that the future of our archives propaganda work to further implement the spirit of the Seventeenth Party Congress and Scientific Outlook on Development, closely around the municipal government work, to "build" archives awareness activities as an opportunity to promote innovative content, innovation and innovative forms of propaganda, publicity means, using a variety of media, and vigorously promote the archives work in the countryside community construction projects, private enterprises and other fields for the transformation of economic development mode of the new measures and new achievements; vigorously promote the archives work in the development of government information disclosure, the current document service, the development of archival resources, collection of archives for grassroots term new initiatives, new services to strengthen the effectiveness of democratic political construction; vigorously promote archives work in the development of archives culture products, to carry out patriotic education, in memory of the city, the collection of intangible cultural The new initiatives and new achievements of cultural heritage, such as the construction of cultural services in Xining, vigorously promote the archives work to carry out the livelihood of the people of the archives work, family filing, network inquiries and other services for social construction of new initiatives, new achievements. To build the archives publicity platform around the center, and the people’s livelihood, rich archives publicity content, by means of the media, broaden the archives publicity channels, explore resources, build archives publicity boutique, extending space using the Internet, archives publicity, pay great attention to the talents, consolidate archives propaganda, strive to create a good atmosphere for the development of archives, the better for our city’s economy the development of social services. (author: Liu Zengzhao)


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