Qinghua Group into the province’s first private bond issue of private enterprises

  at the beginning of the new year, the province’s capital market news. Recently, registered in the inter-bank market dealers association of Qinghai Qinghua mining coal group company 1 billion yuan successful private debt issuance. This is the province’s private enterprises for the first time the successful issuance of private debt, as well as the province’s private equity financing in Western China broke out a new path.

last year, the province’s direct financing scale reached 27 billion 345 million yuan, a breakthrough growth. This year, in order to further broaden the financing channels for enterprises to enhance the ability of capital markets services in the real economy, the provincial finance office several times in conjunction with the relevant departments of the province, financial institutions, in-depth investigation and research enterprise, to further strengthen the direct financing of enterprises following guidance and coordination services.

to help enterprises to understand new private debt and other financial instruments, the provincial finance office in conjunction with the Qinghai branch of China Development Bank, Minsheng Bank and the number of intermediaries, take training, policy propaganda, troubleshooting and other forms of publicity and promotion of private debt issuer audit, types and conditions, the reporting process, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of private debt issuance of enterprises. In the process of 1 billion yuan of private debt issuance in the provincial finance office of Qinghua Group, to increase the docking coordination efforts, enterprise organization and the main underwriter CDB Qinghai branch of private debt issuance of all kinds of problems in the process of further repeated consultations, to ensure the successful issuance of bonds, guarantee the financial needs of enterprise development, to inject vitality into our province the capital market. (author:

  and CuO);

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