Today, the Lake Race sixth times into Gansu

today, the fifteenth session of the "Qinghai Nongxin Cup" Qinghai Lake international road cycling race will be in Qinghai for half a stage after the game officially left Qinghai, arrived in Gansu, it will be a glorious journey.

2011, the tenth session of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race for the first time out of the province to go to Gansu, which is the first time in Gansu Province, Gansu Province, through competitive sports hand in hand. And later proved that this cooperation is the beginning of a win-win situation in two provinces. From the government to the people, are proud to race around the lake." A tournament official told reporters, although the lake race from Qinghai, but has been out of the door of the lake race to reach Gansu, Ningxia, the local government’s attention and the pride of the people is not worse than the local Qinghai. He said: "this is because the race to bring them a huge profit." He said that the lake race with the coming of the service infrastructure, local industry, tourism industry, retail industry has a good development, and the northwest as economically underdeveloped areas, international competition is very rare, when the team passed, people looked at the flat road, the passion of the players riding for this event, really proud of.

"Tomorrow (24 days), we will ride into Gansu for the sixth time, this is the pride of the race around the lake." The Organizing Committee official said, the game today can become Chinese sports sports on the tip of the Pyramid, and the organizers of the eyes are inseparable, and later with Gansu and Ningxia provinces two cooperation is necessary to reflect this event to go out, now get the success of who can negative. He said that the large-scale sports events need a strong influence to go higher and farther around the race from the early birth is the large-scale sports events in Qinghai Province, and give her a clear positioning: to the world, the impact of the global, become a top sports events. Now, all of these goals have been achieved, and some will be achieved. "Gansu, the population of Ningxia is more than Qinghai, this is a very big help to the tournament, spectators event is the most closely with the masses." He said, go around the race is the pride of Qinghai, is the pride of Chinese, we would like to thank the support of Gansu, Ningxia two provinces of the government, for the two provinces of the people put this event as a family event, she is proud and proud. "Watching masses increase, increase competition will be influential, sponsors, media attention." He stressed that the huge media publicity around the race wherever power is unmatched by other events, a place for the lake race cultural tourism brand publicity out, get the real money, this extraordinary hand in hand.

a central media reporter said in an interview, to Gansu, to the Ningxia Lake race is one of the most successful marketing strategy for the brand, is also a kind of support for the two Gansu, Ningxia Economic Underdeveloped Region People’s spiritual life, the economic benefits of the race to bring the needless to say, we the most intuitive to see is because the lake race held in Gansu, Ningxia this change occurred in two provinces. "Fifteenth years, is a node, Lake race will be greater;

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