This year, Xining farm house village with ink

Recently, a reporter from the Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau, this year, 202 farm house supporting engineering of Xining city construction plan has been fully launched in July, is expected to before October of this year, Xining city will achieve all of the village has its own farm house.

farm house project is the Xining municipal government to protect the basic cultural rights and interests of farmers and the implementation of a Huimin project, but also an important part of building a new socialist countryside. Farm house construction has been built to 729 last year, this year, Xining plans to re build the 202 farmers.

it is understood that this year, the city of Xining has set up more than 1500 kinds of books on the allocation of more than 1520 kinds of books, books, books and other products of the 50 kinds of audio and video products. Due to the direct construction of the library in the village, the convenience of the masses to read, the last two years by the villagers love to become farmers at home can learn to read, access to information and communication platform. In order to enrich the content of the farmer’s house, there are 8 kinds of periodicals, 2 kinds of newspapers, house signs, system cards, bookcases, newspapers and periodicals and other equipment in the procurement process. (author: Ma Rong)


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