Strengthen the legal consciousness of youth to curb juvenile delinquency

prevention of juvenile delinquency is an important part of social crime prevention, to effectively prevent juvenile delinquency, the need to work together as a whole society. From the height of the country and the nation’s future, from the height of building a harmonious society, from the height of responsibility for future generations, and earnestly do a good job in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. To the youth outreach "law on the protection of minors", "prevention of juvenile delinquency law" and other legal knowledge, enhance their legal awareness, cultivate the young people study the law, understand and abide by the law, use the concept of rule of law, the construction of school, family and society to prevent juvenile delinquency three-in-one network, effectively curb and reduce juvenile crime. On the one hand, family and school should be based on education and protection, from childhood and youth according to the psychological and physiological characteristics of the development of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, timely, correct way, prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency. On the other hand, my town departments actively carry out prevention work functions, strengthen coordination and cooperation, the formation of catch condominium together a powerful force, and strive to build the government, society, school and family "four in one" prevention work pattern. To purify the social cultural environment, renovation of the campus surrounding environment, strengthen the education and management of the focus groups of young people, the implementation of the measures of relief, helping the vulnerable groups of youth, from the source to reduce the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency, to ensure the healthy growth of the young people.


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