Since August 1st, the province began conscription

7 25, the reporter learned from the province’s conscription work on television and telephone conference, the province conscription work from the beginning of August 1st, will be a priority to recruit highly educated young and fresh graduates.

it is reported that this year the province conscription registration, all relying on the National Recruitment Network (address: the implementation of online recruitment, mainly to take online registration, print the form, at the beginning of preliminary examination, receive notice, prerequisitioned object test, Examination Administration approved the army, preferential policies for. The main object of the province’s conscription for young people above the high school education level, the priority to recruit highly educated young and fresh graduates. The proportion of college students guidance is not less than 28%, the number of not less than last year. Collection of young men aged 18 to 22 years of age, college graduates can be relaxed to the age of 24, junior high school education of young men not more than 20 years of age. Young women in 2016 to 18 to 22 years of age. According to my voluntary, can collect at least 17 years old high school graduates.

in order to attract more highly educated young recruits, from the country to the province has issued a series of preferential policies for college students into the army, when to pay the students enlisted during the school’s tuition compensation or the implementation of a one-time compensation on the national student loan; compulsory military service conscripts are college students (including college students, retired) after voluntarily return to school or enrollment, tuition fees and compensation is implemented in the country; and the national student loan compensatory and tuition standard, the college students each year up to more than 8000 yuan per person per year of graduate students, the maximum not more than 12000 yuan. In addition to the central government financial aid, the provincial financial aid for retired college students in the province, the provincial finance subsidy of 2000 yuan per person per year. Students in the army, according to the personal qualifications, age, position and other soldiers enjoy walks to school, promotion, examination, election reform rights officer. After the war, according to their qualifications, service life, service performance and so on, enjoy the recruitment, placement, rehabilitation oriented instruction, education, employment priority preferential support policies. Specific to the local military service consulting.


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