The provincial government will host the 2016 Qinghai Hangzhou promotion of branded goods

  May 23rd summer in Hangzhou, gentle breeze, very cool. In this beautiful and rich city, hosted by the provincial government, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau hosted the 2016 Qinghai brand products Hangzhou promotion will be held from 27 to 29.


tour the province in recent years as the largest and most organized enterprises, most types of goods promotion activities, the promotion will be the province of 241 well-known brands exhibitors, exhibitors of goods involved in 26 categories of 2807 varieties, including rapeseed oil, barley wine, Tibet yak from Qinghai plateau natural, no green, ecology, selenium, organic food series, and Tibet Rhodiola, honey, wild black wolfberry and other high-end series of nutritional health products, more Thangka, Kunlun jade, Handmade Tibetan carpets with strong characteristics of the local ethnic handicrafts.

in addition, promotion period, our province will also organize the youth Zhejiang super docking forum "," Qinghai special commodity promotion exhibition "and" beauty of Qinghai tourism brand promotion "and a series of special promotion, organization of intangible cultural folk artists drawn on Tang card, national costumes show and Qinghai style" showcase event.


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