Xining halal ndustrial Park

From May 16th, the Qing food exhibition broke the news: a foothold in Qinghai, facing the northwest, communication of domestic and international halal food market, Islamic research and design, production and processing, wholesale sales, exhibition Expo, bonded export integration center, Chinese (Xining) International Halal Industrial Park will be located in the East District of the city. Xining will build China’s largest halal Industrial Park has become a focus of attention at home and abroad.

[location] industrial park is located in the mutual level highway along the sand pond river on both sides of things, South to the home town of Yun Fu Road, West to the Western Hills, north to the mutual border with Xining. Planning area control area of 6600 acres, the park can be planned land area of about 4500 acres.[Objective]

[location] development development has become an important part of Xining City, the eastern city of group of wings, the breakthrough point of Qinghai Province, the western economic development demonstration area, experimental area of urban and rural development, the integration of the implementation of the new urbanization.

[industrial layout] Park Industrial Park contains four areas with two, two vertical along the sand pond river waterfront landscape zone and horizontal along the high speed railway ecological protection belt. The four area is halal food and supplies industrial park, small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial park, a new type of rural characteristics test area and land port industrial park.  

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