The National People’s Congress, the national recognition of outstanding journalists held in Xining

Recently, the National People’s Congress, the national recognition of excellence in the meeting held in Xining, from all over the country 86 outstanding communications were commended. During the meeting, "people’s Daily" representatives also organized training activities, invited the NPC news bureau responsible comrades held a seminar on the NPC news and propaganda work, the participants in-depth discussion of the NPC news propaganda work.

"people’s newspaper" to promote the people’s Congress system of responsibility, adhering to serving the people and the National People’s Congress service, deputies serve the socialist democratic politics purpose, actively promote the practice of the people’s congresses at all levels to uphold and improve the system of people’s Congress and innovation, vividly reflect the advanced performance at all levels of deputies perform their duties according to law. With its unique market positioning, unique perspective of media, a unique market competitive advantage to win a space for one person in such forest print, get the people’s congresses at all levels and deputies to the people’s Congress and the general reader support and affirmation, distribution network throughout the country 31 provinces and autonomous regions.


" is committed to the people’s Congress of Qinghai province’s foreign propaganda work, at present, the annual map form, to the nation issued Qinghai news hundred, Qinghai has become one of the important foreign media organizations, has achieved remarkable results, by the Qinghai people’s congresses at all levels and the Propaganda Department highly.


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