The third floor of the elderly who have a circle of fitness dream

location: 71 West Road community office

residents reflect

Many residents of

located in the Yangtze River Road, No. 1 Jiashuyuan hydrological station reflect the hospital living in 82 households, 80% are retired, older, many legs are not good, so particularly eager to install some fitness equipment in their own hospital, one can always exercise, physical fitness, and can take the flower pots, hospital residents randomly placed a small vegetable garden, weeds and other clean environment for appearance. However, the installation of fitness equipment to which department to apply, who will be responsible for solving, what is the procedure, the elderly are not clear, so help the community, I hope the community to help coordinate the solution.

community acceptance

community on the aspirations of the elderly are very important, and soon submitted to the office of the street to submit a report on the application of the installation of outdoor sports facilities of the family members of the hydrological station of the report, the report was submitted to the Municipal Bureau of sports. Through the coordination of reporters and community workers, agreed to the 10 day at 12 noon by the City District Sports Bureau relevant responsible person, community workers, the three parties to the newspaper reporter hydrological station Jiashuyuan view field, to determine whether the hospital meet the installation conditions of fitness equipment and installation time and other related matters.

processing results

because the hospital belongs to the old family home, if the installation of fitness equipment, security considerations must be set in the entrance channel road isolation pile, but the channel has several drainage wells and a septic tank, isolation pile will result in any dredging equipment and removal vehicles can not enter. In addition, the hospital’s floor space is only 20 meters away from the floor of the distance between the requirements of 35 meters far. Overall, the hospital does not meet the installation conditions. But to see old people expecting eyes, community reporter repeated requests style Bureau think way, the responsible person and community members to discuss the decision, the inside channel in the hospital where the lateral for old people is provided with a row of five pieces of fitness equipment, equipment ahead with slipknot iron chain and sidewalk separated, so that not only guarantee the safety of the old people also have a place for outdoor activities. In addition, the hospital has an indoor activity room, after winning the community reporters, the District Sports Bureau decided to give old people donated chess, chest, darts and other supporting equipment indoor activities.

City District Sports Bureau commitment, this project will soon be included in the plan, next spring can be installed. Indoor activities recently served.

reporter visit

yesterday, the reporter came to the family members of the hydrological station, the families of the elderly who heard the reporter’s response to cheer, thanks to the efforts of the community, the media coordination to help them round the dream.

mass satisfaction

assumes * (community and reporter active coordination, Chengzhong District Sports Bureau all reached the old people to fitness in the doorway;

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