Three counties in our province was included in the national rural industrial integration development

recently, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Haiyan County, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of Zhejiang Province was incorporated into the development of "Wan Cun Xiang Bai 1000 County pilot project of rural industrial convergence state.

for the implementation of the central document of this year and the "Office of the State Council on promoting guidance" integration of the development of the 123 industry, the national development and Reform Commission and other 7 ministries issued the "rural industrial convergence development pilot implementation plan", to be implemented in the national organization for development within the scope of "Wan Cun Xiang Bai 1000 County pilot project of rural industrial convergence. In accordance with the requirements of national pilot demonstration county selection criteria, in the county on the basis of voluntary reporting, the provincial development and Reform Commission jointly with the provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of land resources, the provincial animal husbandry department, commerce department, the Provincial Tourism Bureau to carry out the screening work, reported to the provincial government agreed to the state after the recommended Datong Haiyan, Henan, as a pilot demonstration county in our province and approved by the state.

according to reports, the province will start the implementation of national pilot demonstration project as an opportunity to fully excavate the regional characteristics, with the guidance of national three county to carry out the pilot work of different types, can be formed as soon as possible mode of replication, promotion, broaden the residents income sources in rural and pastoral areas. One is in Datong County pilot production integration of the city development model, the formation of a number of agricultural products processing, trade logistics, leisure tourism and other professional characteristics of small towns; two in Haiyan County pilot demonstration of "multi state compound" development mode, leading enterprises as the main body to drive, to create a complete industrial chain, enhance the demonstration the leading role; the three is the development mode in Henan County pilot demonstration "industry chain extension", the development of animal husbandry scale management, support and development of cooperatives Herdsman Family pasture livestock product processing and marketing of animal products etc..


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