This year, Dahua Reservoir built for Huangyuan solution thirsty

reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Xining plans to start construction this year Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir Project, effectively solve the Huangyuan County as a result of social and economic development brought about by the increase in the water content and the existing problems in water supply is insufficient, the local industrial and agricultural production and the improvement of people’s lives, has obvious social, economic and environmental benefits.

Dahua Reservoir plans to invest up to 190 million yuan, the construction of Huangshui River in Huangyuan County River, a tributary of Lara River, reservoir after the completion of the main water supply for urban and rural residents, mainly meet the residents of water, Dahua Dahua Town Industrial Park water and irrigation water etc.. Dahua town is a town in Huangyuan County Center in recent years, with the development of economy and the construction of Dahua Industrial Park, population gathered to Dahua Town, the present situation of water supply can not meet the increasing demand for water. To this end, Huangyuan county is put forward and the planning and construction of Dahua Reservoir Project, through the construction of Industrial Park, Dahua Dahua Reservoir water supply project, improve the water supply guarantee rate, to meet the Lala River residents living water, rural drinking water, part of the protection of Chengguan town residents of water. After the completion of the project, it will play a role in conserving water, intercepting rainwater, regulating climate, reducing soil erosion and purifying air. The project is currently in the preparatory stage. (author: Xiao Yan)


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