Wang Guosheng stressed that research in Haibei create spiritual highland ecological construction in

7 14, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng depth Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gangcha two in Haiyan County, visit the Atomic City Memorial Hall, on the research of ecological civilization construction, industrial development, urban construction etc..

Atomic City Memorial is the national patriotism education demonstration base. Precious historical relics and physical materials, vividly reproduced the arduous course of the development of China’s atomic energy science and technology and brilliant achievements. Wang Guosheng deeply cherish the memory of the older generation of revolutionaries and the brilliant achievements of science and technology workers, he said, saw the exhibition, the soul was shocked, underwent a spiritual baptism. "Two bombs and one satellite" spirit is the most precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, is to promote the "two a" best education textbook, to further organize mining, innovative forms, making it into a powerful driving force to promote the work of the. Wang Guosheng solemnly wrote in the message book by the education, the spirit of the big eight.

in Gangcha County, a small Tibetan buildings patchwork, characteristics of the town has a prototype, showing the beautiful scenery of the town and grassland against each other. Wang Guosheng look at the panel, listen to the introduction, to understand the relocation of poverty alleviation and follow-up industry development. Learned that the concentration of the nomads, in the enjoyment of urban public services, while expanding revenue sources, he nodded approval. Walking into the relocation of herdsmen jump home, learned that the heat is the village of the old party secretary, or provincial model workers, Liu encouraged him to continue to play a vanguard role model, unite and lead the masses out of poverty. Wang Guosheng looked at the college graduates after graduating from the Youth Hostels opened on the entrepreneurial project, said Liu Fengmin.

after the comprehensive management for many years, the Qinghai Lake water continues to expand, Huang fish resources quantity rise year after year, a substantial increase in the number of birds. In Gangcha County Shaliuhe Huang fish home, Wang Guosheng asked while walking along the riverbank, carefully understand the Huangshui fish breeding and protection work, and personally stocking Huang fish fry. In the island, wangguosheng water look, ask the Qinghai Lake and the surrounding environmental protection and construction of scenic spot etc.. He stressed the need to firmly establish the concept of ecological protection priority, to protect the ecology of Qinghai Lake, the development of eco-tourism.

heard in Haiyan County, Haibei Prefecture and Gangcha County, Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and utilization administration work report, Wang Guosheng affirmed the achievements in various undertakings in Haibei Prefecture, greetings and respects to the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups in haibei. He stressed that the Haibei prefecture has not only rich material resources, is a spiritual heights, at the same time, the ecological construction of the responsibility, is a big article place. To fully implement the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping three solid ", the construction of ecological civilization into conscious action of the cadres and the masses, to achieve green development, to promote the construction of ecological province;" two bombs and one satellite "spirit, to create spiritual heights; to establish brand awareness in cultural tourism, to expand brand influence, enhance the quality of to promote the development of; to seize the opportunities opening up, take the initiative to go out, to strengthen cooperation with the assistance of green cities, to promote the development and opening up; to" market University ", more use of market measures to promote the work, enhance skills, improve the ability to open up the market in.

Zhang Jianmin, Wang Yubo attended the above;

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