The evening of the United States and the United States and the construction of the selection of the

winter in Xining because of the most beautiful buildings and hot feast, winter Xining because of the most beautiful buildings and more attractive.


Wang Yubo recently told the evening news the most beautiful building once again given instructions: activities to achieve the popularity of architectural aesthetics knowledge, strengthen investor awareness, improve the building design approval system to promote the city building more taste, unique, connotation.

was asked: what beauty in summer in Xining?

art experts say the United States is rich in splendid national culture; ecological experts say the United States in the mountains and rivers clever; environmental experts say the United States in the plateau.

but, construction experts say, it’s all right, it’s not right! The beauty of a city should be built in the United States, because each building is a historical book, is a Cultural Palace, is a reflection of the development of the city specimens. In the vicissitudes of history, only the most beautiful buildings can be retained, such as the French Le Louvre Museum, Losangeles Disney Concert Hall, Beijing National Stadium, Dubai, Harry Fatah, and so has become a landmark of the city.

has a history of 2000 years, with the rapid development of Xining should have its own new architectural landmark to carry the family circle of our dreams, but also because of this, sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining city and Rural Construction Committee, Xining city urban and rural Planning Bureau, Xining evening news agency and Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news network the most beautiful building contest started, caused strong concern, to participate in the selection of the building to vote daily fall over each other, the masses continue to rise, Shangri-La, the international village, jinzuo Sankin, new millennium, international commercial lane…… These represent the highest level of Xining construction real estate for the first time to show in front of the world, European fashion, traditional houses, the plateau landscape, many of the most beautiful elements embodied in these projects, let us for the future of Xining have more vision.

is not only the city of Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Huangnan, Yushu, Haixi and Haibei state and county people have sent votes, or call the hotline to participate in the evening the most beautiful building selection activities through the network, the source of Sanjiang’s mobile phone reader Publius waves through the frozen Bayan Har mountains, by participating in Xining the most beautiful building to express love of the capital city of Xining and has not previously mentioned in the same breath: personality, building more and more, let Xining edifice more modern urban atmosphere.

which is the most beautiful building in Xining? You are the most beautiful building judges, evening activities are hot (the first batch of participating buildings is detailed in the December 27, 2012 "Xining Evening News", "" href= can log query), welcome readers to participate, recommend the most beautiful building in Xining. (reporter Yang)

Xining evening news the most beautiful building selection can be voted by:

phone call;

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