Qinghai tourism this year, the Spring Festival Golden week showed a general trend

during the Spring Festival this year, most of the province’s sunny weather, sunny. Urban and rural residents out of their homes to visit the surrounding area, Xining County Rural Festivals and watch deeply feel the ice fun, become a major feature of the Spring Festival holiday this year.

since January 27th, the province’s key scenic spots in Kumbum Monastery, Guide, Xining City People’s Park, Xining wildlife park, Xunhua green homes, Meng Da Tianchi, mutual aid to the native land of the number of visitors gradually rose. It is reported that, compared with previous years, this year’s Spring Festival holiday tourism market steadily, tourism growth, key tourist areas (points) received generally maintained a good momentum of tourists and income go hand in hand, income higher than the growth of people.

according to the Provincial Tourism Work Conference Office statistics, from January 27th to February 1st, the province’s key scenic spots and tourist arrivals increased significantly. Among them, Kumbum Monastery scenic tourists more than 60 thousand passengers, tourism revenue of about 11 million 330 thousand yuan; Guide County received 25 thousand tourists, tourism revenue of about 7 million yuan, Xining City People’s Park received more than 50 thousand visitors, Xunhua green homes has received 1.7 tourists million passengers, tourism revenue of nearly 10 million yuan, Tu homeland park visitors received a total of nearly million and the tourism income of more than 380 yuan. At the same time, Meng Da Tianchi, Atomic City scenic spot, Golmud, Qilian tourists and tourism revenue also showed a certain extent of growth.

during the Spring Festival, to let people live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, my province, according to the actual characteristics of the market, and actively organize the masses to participate in the launch abundant cultural connotation, strong tourism activities, develop diverse forms of tourism products, to create a festive and peaceful festive atmosphere, the Province around the holiday tourism market presents the Tourism Festival is rich, the characteristics of strong festive atmosphere.

is the beginning of the three month, Huangzhong and Datong County in the township, the village turns launched opera, shadow play, art shows, dancing performances, folk art performances and basketball games, farmers games, enrich the cultural life of urban and rural residents.

to pick fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, let me have a different spring festival." The fifth day of the new year, Wang Yu children under the leadership of the parents, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in Xinzhuang Town vegetable base, eating your own pick fruit very happy. During the Spring Festival, I facilities across the province launched the agricultural base of strawberries, tomatoes and other vegetables fruit picking experience tour, let visitors into the greenhouse farming experience paradise, offers visitors the most interactive agricultural experience, allowing visitors to fully feel the pleasure of picking.

into the ice skating, skiing, Xining is a holiday experience. Datong County, south of Xining, Oslo kite ditch, Haiyan County, the east beach reservoir, Xining central square and people’s Park and the ice was crowded with visitors. According to the Xining Lake District seven district north of the city of outdoor recreational ice skating rink in charge: "during the Spring Festival, many people have come to skating, reception of traffic hundreds of people every day."

from the hotel occupancy situation,;

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