The introduction of new regulations to strengthen the management of urban planning

approved by the provincial government, the opinions on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning in Xining (hereinafter referred to as opinion), will be implemented from July 23rd.

in order to further strengthen the Xining city planning and construction management, to guide the future of the Xining city planning construction management level, promote the sustainable development of the city, the provincial government "topic", the provincial housing and urban construction department, Xining municipal government attaches great importance to seriously study the "essay", scientific summary in recent years in Xining city planning the construction work experience and problems facing the hot and difficult problems, earnestly respond to public concern, fully implement the Ten Session of the Third Plenary Session of the central work conference of urbanization and the "State Council on strengthening the city infrastructure construction opinions" spirit, on the basis of extensive solicitation, which lasted six months to complete the "opinions" drafting. The introduction of the "opinions", fully reflects the new hope and new requirements for the development of Xining province’s Xining city people, is standing at a new historical starting point, to the development of the city’s rescans and influence, will be for the next stage of city development, planning and management have a positive and far-reaching.

the "opinions" based on summing up the characteristics of city development stage on the hot issues and highlight the problem, for the development of the city, from the city planning and construction management work is generally clear, unified city planning management, strengthen management, to build the city space landscape garden city, establish a comprehensive transportation network system, enhance the city facilities service ability and level, strict construction project approval management, speed up the eight aspects of innovation management mechanism is expounded, and puts forward 30 principles of management, improvement and management measures, targeted and effective measures, targeted and operational.

the "opinions" pointed out that in Xining to speed up the development of the key period, city planning and management work has played an efficient allocation of social resources, improve the city carrier function, an important role in promoting the sustainable development of the city, provides an important support for economic and social development of Xining.

the "opinions" stressed that Xining is in a critical period of transformation of the mode of economic development, city planning and management of deep-seated problems continue to appear, has yet to give full play to the city planning and construction of leading economic and social development, coordinated planning at all levels in all areas is not enough, the construction and development of demand and land space resource constraints have become increasingly prominent urban and rural planning, supervision and management system is not perfect, legal, serious planning has not yet fully established. An important point in the Xining quality development and transformation breakthrough, will enhance the city planning management level before the height of the global and strategic position, firmly establish the city planning strategy, the concept of human, landscape view, culture view and view of the legal system, strengthen the prospective study of city planning, city planning efforts to enhance scientific management and fine service level and establish the authority and seriousness of the city planning management.

"opinions" clear, strengthen the overall goal of urban planning and management work is: to 2015, establish and improve the actual situation in Xining, a moderate advance, covering the global planning;

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