Urban area of Xining city fully repaying the coal market to improve air quality

last year, Xining coal consumption reached 7 million 778 thousand tons, soot pollution affects the city air quality, in order to effectively improve the city’s air quality, a reporter from the city atmosphere office was informed that the Municipal Economic Commission led jointly with the county government, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and other relevant units of the responsibility three county four district environmental pollution of coal heap places of special rectification. At present, the city’s coal quality has been improved, will also establish 5 centralized management of coal market and the 52 sales outlets, so that the city’s coal market norms, orderly operation.

it is understood that the special treatment of the coal market in our city, currently a total ban of coal heap places of coal dust pollution, cluttered, not supporting environmental protection facilities and unlicensed operation of 213 households, 87 households remaining after the rectification in focus on the market or transition to the two stage distribution outlets. At the same time ban and rectification, the city will build 5 coal centralized management market and the sales of the 52 tier two. At present, Huangzhong two coal centralized management market has been basically completed, Datong Coal centralized management plan to be put into operation before the end of the year, Huangyuan coal centralized management market plans to be completed and put into operation in October. Four districts and counties have been built in Xining, the 39 coal sales outlets, and the rest are stepping up construction of the.

strict control of coal quality, the development of coal use standards, focusing on coal enterprises, especially to strictly control the quality of coal used in the three power plants, and encourage enterprises to use high-quality coal, thereby reducing soot emissions. At the same time, the Economic Commission, public security, quality supervision and the relevant government departments in the main city area five main city set up coal transportation vehicle inspection, carry out card check. To enter the city of coal transport vehicles for registration, the quality of the vehicle without proof of proof of the vehicle to persuade.


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