Provincial leaders to visit condolences to the people outside the party and experts and scholars

Spring Festival is approaching, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Wang Jianjun, the provincial Party committee and the Standing Committee respectively each visit condolences some non party representatives and experts and scholars, our cordial greetings and festive greetings to them.

1 24 in the morning, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng visit condolences to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician, Qinghai University President Wang Guangqian and 93 provincial society chairman, national outstanding professional Du Dezhi. State Key Laboratory of Qinghai University in Sanjiang plateau and the source of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry, Wang Guangqian from theoretical background, technical means and target forecast, introduces the research progress of Tianhe Engineering ", said to be driven by the characteristics of subjects, the Qinghai University into a first-class university in china. Wang Guosheng praised Wang led the research team formed the innovation mechanism, hope academician Wang Guangqian relies on Qinghai’s characteristics and advantages, to carry out scientific research, more results, and cultivate more innovative talents for Qinghai. Wang Guosheng shook hands with the researchers to talk about their work and life situation, and encourage everyone to learn the spirit of scientists, bold exploration, the courage to practice, with the wisdom to ignite the spark of innovation. Wang Guosheng told the relevant departments responsible comrades, to explore the establishment of a sound and effective mechanism for the work of talents, to create a good environment for innovation. At the Qinghai University Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of spring rape, Wang Guosheng and Du Dezhi walked into the cell genetics, cell engineering, quality analysis, greenhouse cultivation laboratory cultivation process with microscope to watch the spring rape cell to seedling, on rape growth, detailed inquiries about the latest research trends of hybrid rape, encouraged Du Dezhi and his team to further increase the application of science and technology research and development efforts and projects, provide strong support for our province to develop characteristic, high efficiency, organic agriculture and animal husbandry, brand.

1 22 afternoon, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Wang Jianjun in Golmud to visit condolences to the Saline Lake Limited by Share Ltd senior engineer Li Haofang, Wang Jianjun asked in detail about the implementation of Saline Lake magnesium integration project he said, there is no eternal law, only the struggle of the fact, it is the generation of the salt to continue the struggle. Saline Lake today’s development, make outstanding contribution to thank you, I hope you keep in mind the general secretary Xi Jinping’s exhortations, the metal magnesium integration affairs, make new contribution to build ecological "lithium magnesium potassium garden". 24 PM, Wang Jianjun visit condolences to the CDNCA Qinghai Provincial Committee, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute Vice President Wang Jian and biotechnology research, seed potato breeding details about the king in his ship, positive suggestions, grasp the party self construction to be sure, encourage the king of marine technology for the benefit of the masses, so that the people share the fruits of technological progress, to further strengthen the scientific research achievements and application, promote the integration of development, to write papers on the earth.

Dorje Geltan, Zhang Guangrong, Ma Shunqing,

Provincial Standing Committee Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Wang Yubo, public insurance Tashi and Hu Changsheng respectively to visit condolences to the expensive hair, Kuang Chung, Bao Yizhi, Ma Zhiwei, Ma Changqing, Ren Qing Jie, Zong Kang, Zhang Zhou, equality and non party people, Wu day, cable, Fang Jianhong, he added;

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