Thorough investigation of the preparation of the plan before the college entrance examination prepar

by different teachers to keep confidential cabinet keys, passwords, security door keys, discipline inspection papers to receive inventory room security door key, the police custody of infrared alarm remote control. Start the security room monitoring equipment, the implementation of 24 hours of video recording. Strengthen the supervision of the office of the guardian responsibility to start the hospital infrared monitoring equipment……" From May 6th, Xining City District Zhaoban learned, with the entrance countdown, the city district admissions exam preparation work is in an orderly manner.

this year, the number of people enrolled in the city of Xining to participate in the college entrance examination to reach 2519, in addition to the candidates to apply for the old vocational and train candidates, as well as the entrance of the national organization of the 1945 college entrance examination. The college entrance examination this year after registration, Chengzhong District admissions to the college entrance examination students launched the second phase of the qualification examination. After the first two times review, there are 708 students for information or evidence and other reasons to enter the next round of review, to the end of April there are 18 questionable candidates enter the final round of the qualification examination, after investigation in the district admissions, education and public security departments in detail, including 1 students due to the use of fake accounts no registration, 1 less than five years for newspaper accounts, there are 4 students for fake accounts can not provide proof materials, transfer formalities or settled in approval, birth certificates and other reasons, is still under further investigation and verification.

City District Bureau of education and admissions but also synchronize the secret room construction and equipment renewal, the area of the eleven, fifth and three West Street Primary School Test Center monitoring, video, clock radio, listening devices such as pre check. Ahead of the development of the college entrance examination paper security and emergency preparedness plan.

it is understood that at present, Xining City District, West District, North District, East District Zhaoban are in an orderly manner all the preparatory work before the college entrance examination.


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