Xining will organize the life will find outstanding issues to improve the work style

for the in-depth study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to further implement the central government on improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the eight provisions, the Xining municipal Party committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department recently decided to the party organizations at all levels in the city held "to improve their work style, close ties with the masses" as the theme of organizational life will.


held organizational life in the city party organizations at all levels, I thoroughly implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, the full implementation of the central eight provisions and the provincial Party to carry out an opinion, an important measure to strengthen leadership and cadres style building. Party organizations at all levels will carefully control the 15 requirements stipulated in Article 21 of the eight on improving the work style of "rules" of the central and provincial and municipal Party committee, the organization of life, problems for local areas and departments and units in the style of work, contact with the masses, especially combined with the actual problems the focus is to find the leadership and cadres in the formalism, bureaucracy, extravagance and waste and other aspects of the sense of purpose, seriously carry out rectification work, itemized by rectification, formulate rectification measures, determine the time limit for rectification. At the same time, according to the requirements of Article 15 of the "Regulations" of the municipal Party committee, study and formulate local areas and departments and units of the actual implementation, establish and improve the relevant rules and regulations, and the abolition of the "Regulations" does not conform to the system.

all the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the organization department will conduct a comprehensive inspection to carry out organizational life situations before the end of January. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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