Vegetables and then rely on the feeling of our province 150 greenhouses have a housekeeper

when the winter, the ancient city of plateau cold pressing. But the strawberry greenhouses in the Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun, Chengbei district farmer Zhang Yuanli home, is a warm and lively scene, the fresh strawberry nestled in the green leaves of a wild profusion of vegetation. Zhang Yuanli said that strawberries grow so well, thanks to his "little helper" – "greenhouse housekeeper".

January 23rd, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, greenhouse Butler "has been in Ping’an County, Haidong Prefecture, north of the City District of Xining City Bao Zi Zhen Tao Bei Cun in 150 greenhouses to promote the use of the" small farmers become assistant". Greenhouse housekeeper can accurately detect the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, through the mobile phone voice messages to inform farmers the best conditions for crop growth, provide a scientific basis for the precise control of greenhouse.

"in house" largely solve the farmers grow vegetables by experience, feel the problem. Zhang Yuanli said, with the greenhouse steward to provide accurate real-time data as a reference, not only the use of pesticides, fertilizers reduced, labor intensity is greatly reduced.

, according to the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, responsible person, the next step, the province will fully promote the greenhouse housekeeper, to further improve the greenhouse production, improve the province’s self-sufficiency rate of vegetables. (author: Wu Yachun)


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