How about steak restaurant Ben Teng lemon

restaurant choose Ben Teng lemon steak restaurant? Ben Teng lemon steak restaurant is really worth you to join, I said what do not work, with the strength to show you the brand might be sufficient.

yuan, in China soon good restaurant in the restaurant after the contest, as a management intern joined Ben Teng lemon steak restaurant. Just out of the campus of the University of her face a new environment, with a little curious, careful to do their tasks and get work, modesty, but be scanty of words.

Ben Teng lemon steak restaurant manager soon found the yuan often confused, immediately arranged a communication, told her the restaurant team, clear planning her study plan in the next three months, and for her intimate arrangements for an experienced mentor.

Ben Teng steak restaurant: Lemon details and moved to serve the guests


often gentle very hard to study hard, but still encounter such problems: an error occurred in the process of single point; fried steak appeared quality problems; when customer service is missing details, led to customer complaints…… Although each has a mentor timely help her solve the problem, but we found that often gentle words less, confident in her face slowly disappear.

often change yuan is a successful service. One day, Ben Teng steak restaurant the lemon for a family of four, parents with children and the elderly, Chang Yuan is responsible for the reception. We can see that this is a family of four is the first time to eat the steak, parents are a young man, in the face of the menu at ease, do not know what, the elderly are still nagging complain eat at home. Chang Yuan heart want to serve them well, carefully for them to introduce dishes, Chang Yuan very patient, always smiling. When the family began to eat, the old man is no longer nagging but happy face, parents feed their children, the children are very happy. Chang Yuan and young parents with a smile, a laugh, grateful, also understand.

the same day at a regular meeting, Chang Yuan and share the feelings of the moment, the manager immediately praised "gave great encouragement to Chang Yuan, told her that in learning and communication will gradually see themselves better. From that day, a warm gentle often appear in everyone around, hard job knowledge, knowledge management, every smile of hospitality, have become a model! After 3 months of time, she successfully from a trainee assistant growth in order to really be able to take charge as chief of the restaurant assistant.

in the group discussion, the partners asked why Chang Yuan change, she said:

when I have a clear goal, when I have a group of partners can work together, when my behavior can be moved to others and myself, I have no reason not to work hard!

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