2016 degrees China Ching Qinghai international Roundtable on the poet yurt

7 31, jointly organized by the China Writers Association poetry Committee, Provincial Federation, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government "2016 Chinese Ching · Qinghai international poet yurt Roundtable in Henan Mongolian Autonomous County of poetic curtain. From 19 countries of the world more than 40 poets together the Mongolian prairie, to fully appreciate and share from the world’s five longest river deep chant and sing heroic. Vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association Gio de Maja, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Mao attended the opening ceremony.

the yurt Roundtable to water and rivers: the source of life and poetry of humanity "as the theme, inviting foreign poets common interpretation of" water "philosophical and poetic imagery, a poetic journey. Gio de Maja said in his speech, from the Han and Tang Dynasties to contemporary poem, quotes about "water, river" "the Yellow River" "Yangtze River beyond count," such words frequently shine brightly in the lines, showing a vast and wide, magnificent artistic conception. Water nourishes life and nourishes our spiritual world. We are known as the "Chinese water tower of Qinghai, the ecological land at an altitude of 3500 metres, to arouse people’s ecological awareness to the power of poetry, to arouse more people to join to protect the diversity of the world, the protection of cultural diversity in action, will be the honor of poetry and the poet’s kindness etched into the great and meaningful action.

held the same day poetry summit and poetry recital; the participating poets will be in the next two days to conduct cultural activities in our province.


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