Hao Peng research Xining festival market

the afternoon of September 30th, governor Hao Peng went to Xining Taihe garden vegetables Direct stores parity, Qi Xiang Xiang farmers market, "100" sunning Plaza store, Lake Road vegetable wholesale market research, and further the prosperity of the market, price stability control request.

Taihe garden vegetables

more than and 20 square meters shop display direct par 70 kinds of vegetables and grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs and other necessities of life, not only to the community more than and 700 households supply "cheap food", but also attracted the area surrounding the masses come to buy. Hao Peng pointed out that this kind of direct selling parity convenience of the masses, to ensure the supply, reducing the intermediate links, but also to make the government more targeted subsidies. He asked the person in charge of the relevant responsible for further attention to the construction and supervision of parity stores, give full play to its positive role in stabilizing prices, so that more people directly benefit.

in the meteorological Lane farmers market, Hao Peng walked to the meat and vegetable stalls before the stop for the supply of goods and sales, and individual industrial and commercial households and customers have a cordial conversation. Master Peng Peng told reporters that pork slaughtering enterprises in the supply of cheap pork supply, coupled with the government issued a booth subsidies, pork prices fell by $1, Hao Peng listened very pleased. He told the person in charge of the West District, must be more concerned about the stability of price control work, always put the people’s lives in the first place.

"big" sunning Plaza store, crowded, shelves are dazzling. In agricultural and sideline products parity sales area, when about two months on the parity of edible oil, rapeseed oil price per barrel fell 10 yuan, sales increased by 20%, Hao Peng said, to actively organize the source of goods, the government will continue to work on the parity grain increase, rice, flour and oil market supply.

in the Sea Lake Road vegetable wholesale market, Hao Peng from time to time to stop working with vegetables, meat merchants talk about the origin of vegetables, varieties, prices and sales, reserves. See the market order, the transaction is booming, Hao Peng on the province and the relevant departments in Xining to rectify the market order, stabilize the market price, service and other aspects of the work done by individual industrial and commercial households have been fully affirmed.

research, Hao Peng stressed that the price stability control is the livelihood of the people of all regions and relevant departments, especially in Xining city to focus on the current long-term, comprehensive facilities strategy, Duocuobingju, and consider the producers and operators and consumers interests of different groups, to further grasp the "food basket" project, accelerate the construction of discount stores, stern the fight to dominate the market, drive up prices and other illegal activities, to ensure the reasonable interval to price regulation.

Ma Shunqing, vice governor of



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