Amorous feelings dream true honest politics reader comes out

Recently, the east by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection by customs "dream really" political party cadres education reading came out and sent to the hands of every party cadres, by reading articles, Shi Jianpian, regulations, warning righteousness article in the 4 part, the influence of Party members and cadres to strengthen the daily education, improve their self-discipline consciousness.

"Regulations" mainly compiled since the eighteen central and provincial, municipal and district promulgated and issued the relevant work style and clean government construction related regulations and measures, regulations, notices; "Shi Jian" in the history of the main educational political upright official story content; "alert" chose some of the corruption cases from different sides, warning and remind you to keep in mind the power is a "double-edged sword", the leading cadres in the exercise of power must distinguish the pros and cons, clean; "righteousness" mainly displays the advanced models, make the advanced character of the exemplary deeds in the subtle education, guidance, edification.  

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