Datong County, the integration of cultural tourism development group held a meeting of experts and s

    in September 5th, "Datong cultural tourism integration development" task force in Xining cultural radio and Television Bureau of the nine floor conference room held Datong County cultural tourism integration development expert review meeting. The conference invited to the provincial government, Xie Zuo, Li Xiaoyan, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of the Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission Office Director Ma Xiao Qin and other ancient cultural tourism experts a total of 9 people. Pei Gaihua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the county people’s Congress presided over the meeting, the Propaganda Department of the county Party committee secretary of the county, the county science and technology culture and Sports Bureau Secretary Su Yaling, county tourism bureau director, such as the meeting attended by the Secretary, such as the Secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the Ministry of culture and Sports Bureau of the.

meeting experts speak actively, to "Datong County Cultural Tourism Integration Development Research Report" fully affirmed, that the investigation report highlights the empirical status of cultural tourism in Datong, a thorough analysis of relevant planning, clear thinking, strong operability, but also has many deficiencies, the provincial government counselor Xie Zuo think Datong travel started early, but the effect is not obvious, the focus is not prominent, not to create the most Datong special cultural tourism products; vice chairman of Federation of Li Xiaoyan is a research report that currently the county cultural tourism research report the most solid, the most valuable part of the report is Datong cultural tourism problems, it to chase the current and future development of cultural tourism has important practical significance; the ancient province civilian appoint office director Ma Xiaoqin think Research Report on the development of Datong Position accuracy, strong operability; many experts thought active, put forward many constructive sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, opinions and suggestions: 1, the dance decoration pottery basin in Datong County as the logo logo, and the dance ornamentation pottery basin as the representative of the cultural tourism product development with high-tech content, improve the competitiveness of products, and effectively improve the income of the local residents; 2, Datong refined spirit is not enough; 3, the flowers will highlight Datong and dance ornamentation pottery basin, with flowers as a platform, highlighting the characteristics, from a development perspective, expand the space, the flowers will build international stage; 4, to develop the cultural tourism product marketing plan targeted; 5, focus to strengthen local cultural talents training, cultivating folk culture. The meeting of experts from their respective professional start each one airs his own views, put forward many valuable suggestions, from the perspective of development increases the Research Report forward-looking and maneuverability, improve the theoretical level of the research report, lay a solid foundation for the further improvement of the investigation report.  


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