Conscientiously carry out the city’s road transport of dangerous goods market regulation

to strengthen the city road danger goods transportation safety management, regulate the transport of dangerous goods market order, effectively reduce the accident rate, according to the Provincial Transportation Bureau of Qinghai Province issued "on the road of water transport industry carried out the fighting rule violation special action plan notice" requirements and the spirit of the document, in combination with the city actually, Xining yunguanchu inspection team from June 11, 2012 within the city to carry out road danger cargo transportation special rectification work, comprehensive and correct handling of dangerous goods transport violations of laws and regulations. Establish and improve the road safety of dangerous goods transport safety management mechanism,   to promote the road dangerous goods transport market safe, stable, sustained and rapid development.

in order to further improve the remediation work, effectively regulate the road danger goods transport market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the business operators, Xining yunguanchu inspection team to take effective measures to designated inspection, inspection, inspections and other methods, the Huang River Road, Bayi Road, Delingha Road, South Ring Road, Nanshan Road, mutual aid along the road area, road transport of dangerous goods illegally engaged in the clean-up remediation.

date, Inspection Brigade attendance of 156 passengers, check all kinds of vehicles 453 times, including the transport of dangerous goods vehicles 237 times, seized the illegal transport of dangerous goods vehicles 7 units, transport of dangerous goods vehicle escort officer without escort card 1. Through the recent rectification work to a certain extent, the illegal operation of illegal goods transportation was prevented, and the preliminary results were obtained.




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