5 wave depth traffic violations remediation

From August 1st onwards, the city will be divided into five waves within the city to carry out a unified action to punish traffic violations. This is the August 5th reporter from the Ministry of information on the promotion of the rule of law to carry out illegal activities to carry out centralized traffic violations were informed.

– the first wave: from August 1st to August 10th, the main regulation of tourist buses, non BOT buses, tourist buses, the area of non BOT bus to carry out a comprehensive investigation on overdue inspection, overdue abandonment, supervision inspection, immediately scrapped vehicles, the deadline to clean up illegal vehicles.

key inspection area: Scenic Road, tourism center, highway entrance, passenger station etc..

– second wave: from August 13th to August 22nd, the main regulation of false card deck vehicles, so will check, namely plate shortage or damage will check, new or old old brand new brand will check, hanging outside city plate will check, occlusion or defaced plate will check, without a license without a license will check, no plate installation must check according to regulations.

for residential areas, public parking lot, roadside parking spaces, Beijiexiaoxiang region and a centralized inventory, active discovery involving brand of card illegal vehicles, at the same time increase the vehicle brand sales shop, auto repair factory and second-hand car trading market supervision, clean up illegal trading dens, and strengthen the parking lot, automobile brand sales shop, auto repair factory, the second-hand car market, car decorative beauty outlets, scrap car recycling companies and other key places to check, discovery, and false card deck, Wupaiwuzheng vehicle.

– Third Wave: from August 25th to September 3rd, renovation of passenger transport and transport of dangerous goods vehicles, the abnormal parking, speeding, fatigue driving, do not follow the line driving at night, illegal operation and other illegal acts shall be given a warning and timely corrective, and afterwards treated. Strict implementation of passenger vehicles at night speed limit does not exceed the speed limit of 80% of the day, is strictly prohibited passenger vehicles at night to the next day at 5 on the night of the passage of the following three mountain highway. At the same time, the liquid dangerous cargo tank emergency shut-off device installation and use of centralized inspection.

– fourth wave: from September 6th to September 15th, renovation of school bus, school bus driver to carry out driver quasi driving qualifications, traffic violations and traffic accident record "three investigation", found that the school bus driver fails to participate in the certification, traffic violations prone not to accept the deal, to inform the school and the education administrative department ordered to stop driving a school bus, school bus driver found have occurred causing death or serious injury accident responsibility, down 12 points, or the crime of drunk driving, drug abuse and other records, and resolutely cancel the school bus driver qualifications, and inform the school and the administrative departments of education, lack of identification on the school bus safety hammer, fire extinguishers, and safety door, satellite positioning device and other safety facilities are not complete, all outage rectification;

– fifth wave: from September 18th to September 27th,;

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